My Makeover Experience at Sephora

just for fun Jan 24, 2019
It has been a long time since I really cared about how my makeup looked. That’s not to say I don’t care, but I’ve always been the kind of person who has a very strong sense of self and confidence with and without the primping so it’s not always necessary for me.  
Time is also a factor since I’d had my first baby, about 3 years ago the amount of free time that I’ve had and the priority of me doing my makeup well, has gone way down. It’s like, let’s figure out what my 5-minute makeup routine is and do that twice a week. 
I have made the decision to be in front of the camera more for my business and I truly want to put my best face forward. Well, putting my best face forward means that I needed to update what I do for my makeup routine. 
Sephora has always been my go-to place to find what I’m looking for in the makeup department because well, they have almost everything a girl could need....
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