This Free Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Timeline Will Save You

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019
So, you’ve hired a kick ass hair and make up team for your wedding day to make you and your ladies look flawless. You’ve gotten your trial done and everything is on point. But wait! Don’t forget about a the tiny thing that might make a huge difference in whether or not your hair, makeup and wedding day timeline actually get executed the way that you have it in your head. 
That THING is a Hair and Makeup Schedule for the morning of your wedding. I’ve seen it before when brides don’t think they need to make a schedule and think that just winging it will work.  Oh, darling… well, sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn’t. And then sometimes it all goes horribly wrong and you barely make it to your own ceremony on time. Yes, that has happened. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should make creating a Hair and Makeup Schedule a priority:

  1. Nobody wants to go first and you end up starting late. The later you...
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17 Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know Now

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2018

These under the radar designers have us calling all modern, romantic brides to come and take a look.

Anna Kara

Beautiful flowly skirts, fun appliqués and a sense of whimsy that has us not being able to choose a favorite. 


Atelier Anonyme

Modern lace, unique silhouettes, and an totally unstuffy romantic vibe these dresses are sure to feel right at home for your garden, beach or tuscan wedding adventure. 


Anna Campbell

Sexy, sparkle, and shape, these dresses from this Aussie designer will wow your groom and make you feel like a bright shining star. 


Charlie Brear

This luxury British brand is full of fun, flow skirts and a modern vibe. We are loving their use of separates, polka dots, and some deep v's to make these gowns the life of the party. 


Eisen Stein

Feminine glamour, sexy, and luxury are all words that come to mind when we think of this Tel Aviv based bridal house. 


Eliza Jane Howell

If you are...

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The 5 Rules for How to Write an Amazing Wedding Toast

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2018

I have seen hundreds of people give a wedding toast in my 6 years as a wedding planner. Most of them were okay, not truly memorable, but more importantly not so cringe worthy that we’re all embarrassed for you, and internally asking you to please put the mic down and walk away. 

The greatest toast that I’ve ever heard was given by a groom’s big brother, who was an actor. No surprise, that someone who speaks professionally for a living gives a great toast.

The elements that made his toast great were: 1. that he had it all memorized 2. he had a commanding presence in the middle of the room 3. he knew how to use a mic (a very underrated skill) and  4. left everyone in the room laughing and crying, even me. It was truly ta great speech and I want to hear more toasts like that. 


So, from my self-proclaimed expert opinion, here are my 5 rules for how to give an amazing wedding toast:

1. Introduce yourself & describe your relationship to the...

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The Vendors You Need for an Absolutely Epic Wedding

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2018

Wedding vendors are the professionals you will hire to bring all of your wedding plans to life. These are the people that make the food, serve the drinks, and officiate the ceremony.

Vendors are essential to the modern wedding. Here we break down the list of wedding vendors, to help you prioritize your hiring list.

I group vendors into three different categories depending on how essential they are to the modern wedding: Essential, Extras, and Pre-Wedding Day.


Essential Wedding vendors

The Essential wedding vendors are the ones that are there throughout the entire wedding, or they are delivering previously ordered items for the wedding.

Some of these may be considered extra. The florist, for example, would be unnecessary if you are DIYing your flowers, a rental company is not needed if the venue provides everything, and you may opt for a best friend to fill in as officiant. The essential wedding vendors are:

  • Wedding Venue
  • Wedding Planner
  • Caterer & Wait Staff
  • Photographer
  • ...
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How to Create Your Perfect Reception Timeline

wedding planning Apr 20, 2018

The wedding reception is the party of your wedding. It’s that period of time after the ceremony, starting with the cocktail hour and then leading into dinner, dancing and fun.

Creating a thoughtful and structured night is important. Here, we will guide you through how to create the most perfect wedding reception timeline for you.


Cocktail Hour

The purpose of cocktail hour is to give the newly married couple an hour with which to take pictures during some of the very best lighting of the day, the golden hour, right before sunset. (Check out our post How to Craft a Timeline to Get Amazing Photos to find out more about this.) It also gives your guests the opportunity to say hello to each other. Think of it as a family & friend reunion and everyone just wants to catch up.

During cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to have guests sign your guest book and find out which table they are sitting at. Typically this time is unstructured with guests...

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Color Inspiration: Lavender & Light Blue

inspiration Apr 18, 2018


A purple and blue wedding color palette could be bold, but we are partial to the soft pastel hues. These color schemes lend well to purple or blue wedding dresses, wildflower bouquets, and multicolored taper candles on a long table.




This color palette could be used for a spring or fall wedding. When paired with deeper shades of the same color family, it would be more dramatic. Bridesmaids can mix in shades of neutral or pink for a look that feels fresh and unique.


Hugs & Best Wishes


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5 Reasons Why Family Will Cause All of Your Wedding Stress

wedding planning Apr 15, 2018

The hardest part about planning a wedding is dealing with people. And the most difficult (and stressful) people during this process, will be your family.

It’s the honest truth. I experienced this first hand while planning my wedding and have seen it countless times in other engaged couples. If you are finding out that planning a wedding is easy but dealing with family dynamics is hard, then you are not alone. Wondering how this happens?

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 ways families add stress to your wedding plans.

1. They Don’t Understand our Modern Weddings 

Our parents and certainly, our grandparents grew up during a time when weddings weren’t lavish or full of nuance and personality. Everything about their wedding day had a completely different level of formality that no longer has a place in the way people are getting married today. Some parents just don’t know how to cope with the way things have changed.

2. The Expectations...
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3 Reasons Why Cutting Corners on Wedding Staff will Ruin Your Big Day

wedding planning Apr 13, 2018

Planning your wedding is full of little details; things like flowers, signature cocktails, favors and place settings. Staffing your wedding properly is how all those little details get done.

When I say staffing your wedding, I’m referring to hiring enough of the right people to execute the tasks that create the wedding day you’ve dreamed up. 

Here are the top 3 reasons short staffing your wedding is not worth it.

Reduces the Quality of Yours and Your Guests Experience

Engaged couples want their guests to have an amazing time at their wedding. They want their big day to be truly unforgettable and they want to feel like they are being led through their day without a worry in the world. Staffing well makes this happen.

As a wedding planner, it is my job to let the vendors, bride, groom, and guests know what is happening next so that everyone is ready for say, dinner service, or cake cutting, or the sparkler exit. Not having anyone keep on top of the schedule,...

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Inviting Children to Your Wedding (or Not)

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2018

Inviting children to your wedding is a very personal and debated topic. Some couples feel that children aren’t appropriate for such a formal and grown up ritual. While other couples love including children in the celebration of their love.

Whatever camp you fall into, we’ve compiled our list of how to handle the delicate circumstances of children and your wedding.

1. Decide at the Beginning

Making the decision about inviting children should be made while you are creating your guest list. As you are going through the larger list of who you would like to attend, take note of how many children would possibly come and their ages. Once you know what you would like to do, tell a few family members that will help you spread the message in a sensitive and polite way.

2. Let Those Who Are Most Affect Know Early

If you have chosen to have a kid-free wedding then letting guests with children know early will allow them plenty of time to make accommodations. This could be finding an...

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Where and How to Start When DIYing Your Wedding Flowers

wedding planning Apr 08, 2018

So, you’ve decided to do your own wedding flowers! Awesome. DIY Wedding Flowers allows you to express yourself in a creative and meaningful way (and you can save money too!). We’re pretty impressed with you already.

If you missed it, please take a moment and check out our previous post: Should You DIY Your Wedding Flowers? (...Really?) – where we break down the major differences between DIY Wedding Flowers and hiring a Pro Florist. You’ll learn what it takes to pull off this major feat and why time might be more valuable than money.


Start your DIY Journey by Getting Inspired

Choose your floral elements and find styles you want to replicate.

First, find your inspiration. Scan through your Pinterest board, magazines, and other places that inspire you and figure out exactly what floral elements you want at your wedding. You will plan your arrangements and purchase your supplies based on the Floral Elements you choose.

Floral elements = all...

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