9 Tools to Keep Your Wedding Planning Organized

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

Are you starting to get buried under all the wedding research, details, and contracts? If you are feeling like all this info needs to be sorted and put in its place then we have some awesome tools to help. 



Binders & Calendars


These are not your Staples brand binders. These are beautiful keepers of the most important details for your big day, so of course, they will have to be stunning themselves!


Russel + Hazel - By far the most fashionable and functional binder on the market. Make it your own with 7 different inserts and keep your fancy pens close by with the cutest little pouch that straps right on top. "But I don't carry a big purse." Oohh, well girl they also have their signature binder in a mini so there is no reason you can't be organized as hell and keep your tiny purse. 

Bonus: Download their 57-page wedding planning template for FREE! 


Emily Ley's Simplified Planner - The most intentional and supportive planner you could ever buy. Their mission is to inspire women to organize, simplify, and carve white space for the good stuff of life, and they do it beautifully. Also with every planner purchase, you get monthly coaching videos via email from Emily herself. 


Sweet Water Decor Planner - Gold Spiral binding, metal edges, and a whole lot of motivational inspiration. With this planner your to-do list never had a chance. 


Digital Tools

My phone is my superpower, and I'm sure like me you do everything on it. So why not make it your wedding planning assistant. These apps and tools are our favorites for keeping you on task and up to date while on the go. 


Zola Wedding Checklist - This is one powerful checklist. Zola personalizes your checklist based on your wedding. Because a destination wedding is going to have different to do's from your Jewish wedding and having a list that already knows what you'll need is beyond helpful.  


Wunderlist - Soon to be Mircosoft To Do - This list-making app is the best place to keep all the things that need to be checked off. Delegate, personalized, and make your day the most efficient it can be with this every platform digital powerhouse.


Minted's Digital Address Collection Cards -  Send unique digital cards to request your guests' addresses for FREE. Mind blown. Because this is a must-do to ensure your guests actually get the invitation, Minted makes it look easy and pretty. 


Slack - If you aren't already using Slack for your online communications then you should be. Chat with your planner, your partner, your bestie and organize it by category. Add pictures, documents, stickers, and links. It's a powerful tool that's so much more than just chatting. 


Dropbox & Dropbox Paper - Before Dropbox Paper all of my paper notes got lost under more paper notes. Filing everything digitally makes it easy for you to have a place to brain dump and create your planning timeline. Add documents, pictures, your calendar, and connect it to Slack. Dropbox is the perfect cloud storage for all of those contracts that you need to review on the fly. As well as a great place to store your style board, guest list, and any backups of important information you need to be secure. 


Google Doc - The best place to create your Guest List, manage your vendor contacts, and keep a record of your payments and due dates. It integrates with Slack and your Gmail, plus you are probably already using it and it's just one less thing that you have to figure out right now. 


Happy Planning, 



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