How to Hire the Wedding Vendors That are Right for You

wedding planning Apr 04, 2018

The wedding industry is booming with talented wedding professionals, ready to help couples everywhere plan their dream day. Couples have so many choices which is good, for finding exactly what you want, and bad, because it’s hard to figure out who’s best for you.


So, how do you find these perfect people you ask?

Well, they will hopefully stand out to you in a, feel- it-in-your-gut-kind-of-way. There has to be something like their branding, or their mission statement, or their philosophy about their work that draws you to them. Their goal with the information that they present on their website is to let you know the essence of who they are and what they do.

When you are reaching out to potential vendors, follow your instincts.

If someone is slow to respond to your email, they aren’t detail oriented, or they seem casual when you’re looking for them to be more professional trust your feelings. 

These cues set the tone for your expectations about how it will be working with them through the process of planning your wedding and how they will execute your vision on your wedding day.

Reading reviews from other couples is also a good idea, but it can be slightly misleading. For example, how many times in your life have you ever hired a DJ?

If this is something that you have not done before then, because of your lack of experience with this type of service you may not know what is a good DJ is and what a bad DJ is, just like other couples who have reviewed them online.

I have worked with DJ’s who are incredibly professional, passionate about their work and eager to please the client. I have also seen DJ’s who will play on their phone most of the night, completely unconnected with the event they are working. Both DJ’s have 30 plus five star reviews online, so reviews don’t necessarily create a full picture for prospective couples to see.

I always suggest for couples to have an in person or Skype/phone call interview with a vendor before hiring them. This is your opportunity to see if you communicate well together.

Good communication between you and your vendor team is important because it’s how they understand what you want and what’s expected of them.

When you talk with them you should be feeling this person out for several things:

1. Does the professional respect you and understand what you are asking of them?

2. Do you feel like you instantly have a connection with this person?

3. Is what they are saying about the service that they provide resonating with you?

At the end of the day, you should be hiring the company that you think will do the best work on your wedding day, because that’s when it matters the most.


Hugs & Best Wishes



Not sure what questions to ask during the interview process? We have put together a few to get you started, check out the blog post here.

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