The First 7 Things You Need to Do After Getting Engaged

wedding planning Nov 03, 2019
Getting engaged is one of those moments that takes your breath away and leaves you in a happiness bubble for weeks. It’s amazing and exciting and deepens the love you have for your partner in so many ways. 
When you’re ready to begin planning your epic wedding your feelings might change quickly because knowing where to start is confusing. It's totally normal to get overwhelmed by the MASSIVE to-do list and the literal thousands of decisions you now have to make. 
As a wedding planner who has guided hundreds of couples through the wedding planning process, I’ve pulled together my very best advice for the very first things you need to do after getting engaged. 
  1. Tell Your Family 
Tell your family about your engagement - you don't want your mother finding out that he's asked for your hand from your sister. It's also important how you tell them. We aren't talking text message here, a phone call or in person is the best way to share the big news with those people who mean the most to you.
  1. Don’t Rush to Start Planning
Enjoy your engagement, whatever the time frame, a week or a few months, don't rush into wedding planning. Bask in the glow of what an amazing time this is for you both, but do have a response prepared for those people who will ask "Do you have your date yet? ".
  1. Get Inspired
Create a Pinterest board or boards. Gather together all the ideas that you have about your wedding. Seriously, go crazy pinning any and everything that inspires you. Pin landscapes, art, colors, flowers, anything that gets you excited and makes you happy. Later, you’ll be able to focus on a color palette, theme, and list of must haves. 
  1. Create your Guest List 
Write down all those lucky people who will make the cut and get an invite to your big day. Create a Guest List Spreadsheet to help keep you organized and to stay organized with friends and family's information.
  1. Talk Budget 
Have the Money Conversation - Whether it's just the two of you paying for the wedding or your parents are chipping in, you need to talk with everyone contributing about expectations for the overall cost of the wedding and how much their opinion affects the planning of your big day. 
Want to know how to estimate the cost of your wedding before you've made any decisions? Check out my blog post How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget.
  1. Stay Organized
Being organized in terms of budget, vendor contracts, your guest list and everything else that goes into making a wedding come together is critical. Get a binder, create a google doc, whatever it is - figure out your best method to keeping everything in one place and update it regularly.
  1. Fill Out Our Pre-Planning Questionnaire
Our Pre-Planning Questionnaire helps couples define what is most important to them about their wedding day experience. This could be the music, or the dress, or the food. Whatever your priorities are, you and your partner need to be on the same page about what you want your wedding to look and feel like before you start talking with vendors.
Get your own copy of our Pre-Planning Questionnaire (inside our awesome freebie: Actually Simple Advice: How to Start Planning Your Epic Wedding.).

These 7 steps are really just to get you started. If you've gotten this far and are still saying "What now?" Then I want you to join me for an on-demand, Netflix style webinar that can start in the next few minutes if you're ready. 
Within this webinar, I give brides-to-be the 6 BIG ACTIONS that they need to take in the first 3 months of wedding planning. I take you from lost and confused to planning with confidence and clarity in 50 minutes flat. 
Sign up now and save your spot to watch this no BS, get right into the important stuff, wedding planning can be fun and easy fo' real kind of webinar. 
Hugs & Best Wishes, 
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