29 Best Garden Inspired Bouquets for Your Spring Wedding

inspiration Jan 17, 2019

Garden, loose, textured, organic, all of these words describe our favorite style of bouquet. Here we've rounded up the best of these floral garden inspired beauties and want to share them with you. 

P.S. - We intentionally tried to find bouquets that had in-season spring flowers. This makes it easy to share with your florist and have them say, "we can do that!" I will warn you that there are two pink beauties that have Dahlia's (a late summer/fall blooming flower) that we couldn't help but include. 


Florals: The Petlar Co. / Image: Jacqueline Dallimore


Florals: Sarah Winward / Image: Kychelle Photography


Florals: Unknown / Image: Lauren Fair Photography


Florals: Sarah Winward / Image: D'Arcy Benincosa Photography


Florals: Urban Petals / Image: Heather Payne Photography 


Florals: Nicolette Camille / Image: Jen Huang



Florals: Passion Flowers / Image: Amanda Dumouchelle Photography


Florals: Michelle Lange / Photo: Ava Flora Photography 


Florals: The Oak and The Owl Flora / Image: Kristina Adams Photography


Florals: Sarah Winward / Image: Kylie Martin Photography 


Florals: Sarah Winward / Image: Britt Chudleigh Photography 


Florals: Sally Pinera / Image: Kelly Lenard Photography


Florals: Jaune Pivione / Image: Nina Ruth Photography


Florals: Il Porfumo dei Fiori / Image: Les Amis Photography


Florals: Max Owens Designs / Image: Charla Storey Photography


Floral: Kelly Lenard / Image: Cassidy Carson Photography

Floral: Meristem Floral / Image: Forage and Film Photography


Floral: Credit Unknown / Image: Credit Unknown 


Floral: Form Floral / Image: Charity Maurer Photography


Floral: Credit Unknown / Image: Credit Unknown


Florals: Bow and Arrow Floral / Image: Heather Hawkins Photography


Floral: Bo Boutique / Image: Sarah Hannam Photography


Floral: Jaune Pivoine Floral / Image: Heather Payne Photography


Floral: Adam Leffel Productions / Image: Sophie Kaye Photography


Floral: Eco Chic Blossoms / Image: Melissa Blythe Photography


Floral: Marble and Pine Floral / Image: Amanda Lenhardt Photography


Floral: Credit Unknown / Image: Carly Buick Photography


Floral: Studio Mondine / Image: Danielle Poff Photography


Floral: Amy Osaba / Image: Kelly Sauer Photography


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