Well, Hey Darling!

Wedding planning is an emotional rollercoaster right from the very beginning. 

Regardless of where you are, at the start or it's almost your big day, having a friend to be your guide and lighten your load on this journey is a gift. 

I've been where you are now, the excitement of wedding planning is bubbling up inside of you and there's no time to waste. EEEHK!! (squealing in excitement, obviously)

I've also been at the end of wedding planning, unsure if my vision will come to life, troubled by the logistics, and emotionally done with the drama that has unfolded. (Thank god I have a vacation after this...to wine country, but seriously, where IS that wine right now.)

I'm Emily King, owner of the southern wedding planning company Whiskey & White Events. I'm a wife, a mom, a sister, and all around giver of excellent advice. 

I'm a salt of the earth person, whose's love language is taking care of others. I make pancakes on Saturday and I'm scared to walk my dog at night.

So... here I am hoping to be your friend and to help you in anyway I can. 



After 6 years, and hundreds of weddings, I still have couples coming to me asking for answers to the same basic questions.

Obviously, I wanted to solve their problem, but what about everybody else? All those other couples that are out there thinking the same thing.

I knew that I needed to create a quality resource for engaged couples to learn about what the modern wedding planning process is really like and how to navigate it like a boss.

So I started to write. I wrote down every little piece of advice and guidance that I have given to my clients and put it into my courses.

I believe that when couples have more knowledge they will have more confidence. 

Let's Work Together

I want to be your wedding planner. Find the course that's right for where ever you are in the planning process and let's get started today.

How I Teach

I knew I had to teach in person. It was the best way for me to describe to couples how to make these principles and formulas work for their individual situation.

But that's unrealistic when I can only be in one place at one time, and my 4 year old already has dibs. 

So I created my online courses in the way that I would want to learn.

Part visual - A video of slides that's full of color, personality and some hella good information.

Part Audio - Over the slides I lecture about the topic and deep dive into details only a planner would know.

Part Experiential - I provide case studies from clients that I've worked with in my business. I describe incredibly specific scenarios about what they did and how you can learn from it or emulate it. 

Part Community & Q+A - A private Facebook group fosters friendships with people in the same place as you and a live Q&A with me every week helps to answer those burning questions about your wedding.

No BS. Only Proven Systems that Work.

I have planned hundreds of events and honed my formula for crafting an amazing wedding. It's battle tested and ready for you to take and put to work. Epic weddings only. Let's work together today.


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